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CVAC Leadership

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Conan Venus | CEO

Jolita Abromaityte

Jolita Abromaityte | COO

psychadelic Mark

Mark Bird | Creative Director

The agency was conceived in March 2019 when

Conan Venus acquired a large new client and contracted Mark Bird to serve as his creative director. CVAC is a merging of two independent consultancies Conan Venus Consulting and Bird Design. It also merges decades of agency, design, and branding experience. We’ve worked with clients ranging from Fortune 100 CPG brands to global manufacturers, and small, but important, local businesses. 

In addition to Mark and Conan, Jolita Abromaityte rounds out the leadership team as Director of Social Media and our internal Project Manager. She is an invaluable resource.


Conan Venus And Company also regularly employs 10 to 20 contractors, depending on workload. Mark, who previously taught design courses at Michigan State University, has been known to recruit his most talented design students for fresh creative ideas. Conan on the other hand, enthusiastically embraces nepotism, conscripting his family members as necessary. Family dinners and pillow talk now include strategy sessions and proofreading.


Our efficient methodologies and effective work ethic allow us to be small but mighty. This includes maintaining several global partnerships, which provides our team with the ability to expand and contract based on project needs. It also allows us to hire subject matter experts as needed without keeping them on our payroll. 


We have been effectively running a virtual office since day one. While our team leaders are based in the U.S. and the UK, we also employ video editors, sound designers, animators, programmers, designers, and production staff throughout the US, Canada, Europe, and Asia. We have been using video conferencing and chat tools to maintain order and effective communication well before the pandemic hit, which helped us to maintain business as usual during this crisis. Lastly, we work very hard to be a fun and inclusive team. Everyone has great insight and all team members are encouraged to participate in decision making and ideation sessions. We evaluate ideas and message execution purely on the quality of work, regardless if you are the CEO, Creative Director, or intern. Our collective openness fosters a sense of inclusion which makes everyone feel like a part of the team. That makes us all happy campers. 


We exist to create awareness and generate revenue for those we serve. We help our clients think differently about their brand voice and how they present themselves to their customers. All too often we see small to mid-size providers swimming in a sea of sameness, doing the exact same thing in the exact same way as their competition. While we recognize that many industry norms exist for a reason, we aim to deliver unique messages in our quest to advance our clients' brand awareness and generate more revenue. 


Additionally, due to our virtual model, we are able to keep our principles actively involved in all projects to deliver efficiently and effectively, always within consideration of budget and time constraints. In fact, our nimble approach has allowed us to quickly adjust our message execution and delivery methods for our clients during the current pandemic.


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