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Jolita Abromaityte:
Your Operational and Social Dynamo


Jolita Abromaityte rounds out the leadership team as our Chief Operational Officer. She also represents our "European Division," headquartered in the vibrant city of London, England. 


Jolita has a remarkable background in global project management. Relocating from her home country of Lithuania to London in 2003, she swiftly rose to lead an International Project Management department, collaborating with global teams on intricate endeavors. Jolita can easily manage large teams and tackle complex projects, whether right around the corner or across the seas. She has managed numerous projects for the likes of General Mills, Colgate, McKinsey. She's a seasoned expert at ensuring every piece falls perfectly into place.


Jolita's brilliance also extends to social media, where she weaves strategic management and creative content into a tapestry of captivating stories. She has helped countless brands’ social media channels grow and flourish under her watchful eye. She has worked with the brands of Richard Branson (Necker Cup and Open), Drew Barrymore (Dear Drew clothing line), Breville, Black Opal Beauty, to name a few, and a myriad of European brands in various industries.  


Beyond her role at CVAC, Jolita's flair extends to the luxury jewelry business, owning two online luxury jewelry brands that have earned large social followings, recognition in Vogue, and on fashion week runways.

Jolita Abromaityte Social Media Director

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