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So much to learn. So much to say.

The process of branding is just that. A process. Nobody owns it. Nobody invented it. Many present it as though it's their own. But they are liars and their pants are on fire. That being said, there are aspects of the branding process that we claim to be incredibly proficient at. 

We begin the branding process with a DISCOVERY PHASE. We ask a lot of questions about why a client needs a brand in the first place. Who are their customers? How should the proposed brand be expressed? What product or service are we talking about? How should the new brand make the customers of our client feel? Is the desired brand whimsical or is it conservative? What kind of values should the brand communicate? We could go on and on.

We have a lot to learn about you because, frankly, nobody knows you better than... you.

Branding process
Image by Glenn Carstens-Peters

Once we develop a sense of what characteristics we think the brand just can't live without, we begin the FIRST DESIGN PHASE. We develop a core message that becomes the basis for the brand. We create a positioning and vision statement that identifies how and what the brand will communicate to your customers. We also develop taglines that simplify and express the core idea of the brand. We identify the characteristics of the end customer. From there we develop moodboards that illustrate the visual personality of the brand. We show color palettes, typography, photographic and illustration examples that identify the style of the brand as well as the audience. Then we roll it out to the client to get their feedback.

Image by Honey Fangs

We analyze client responses and reactions to moodboards and create a brief that articulates everything we know at this point to make sure we are on target and you agree with the direction…. and then we begin the SECOND DESIGN PHASE. This includes logo creation, color refinement, applying the brand characteristics to various items (think business cards, swag, etc.) to give a sense of how the brand looks and feels. We mull it around internally and refine it until we feel solid that we have something world-class that is worthy of your organization.

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