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Our STAND OUT Process

Branding process

Tired of blending in? Don't let your brand get lost in the sea of sameness. In the dynamic landscape of brands competing for customer attention, Conan Venus and Company (CVAC) stands apart. Our approach is not about blending in; it's about making your brand STAND OUT — like a vibrant pink flamingo among monochrome pigeons. Welcome to our STAND OUT process, a fusion of marketing and branding tools designed to elevate your brand to unprecedented success.


Our methodology revolves around one pivotal question:

 "Does it STAND OUT?"   If not, we refine it; if yes, we perfect it.

What is STAND OUT?

It's more than just a catchy acronym; it's a roadmap to brand transformation. We break it down into 8 key steps, each supported by powerful tools and expert guidance:



with Your Objectives 

We set clear, measurable goals through a Marketing Audit and Marketing Brief. This deep dive uncovers your aspirations, strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities, ensuring your marketing strategy hits the bullseye.



the Right People 

If you are marketing to everyone, you’re unique to no one. We use Target Audience Research and Customer Avatar Canvas to paint a detailed picture of your ideal customer, so your messaging resonates deeply with the right person.


What Makes You Unique 

We don't follow trends; we set them. Our Industry/Competitor Audit and Brand Exploration Worksheet help uncover your brand's hidden gems and position you for market dominance.


Your Brand (Voice and Style) 

It's all about crafting a unique brand identity that speaks volumes. Our Voice Worksheets, Moodboards, and Messaging Guide are the secret ingredients to a brand voice that captivates and converts.



the Right Channels 

We're laser-focused on maximizing your reach and impact. Our Growth Audit and Customer Avatars help us identify the core marketing channels and document your Customer Value Journey that will make your brand the talk of the town.


Open Up

to Your Audience

Content is your brand's voice. We'll develop a high-quality Content Calendar with your unique voice and story at its heart. Our Creative Brief and Content Promotion strategies ensure your message reaches the right ears at the right time.


the Power of Data

Data is the key to unlocking marketing magic. We use sophisticated tools like Google Analytics to track performance and make data-driven decisions for optimal results.


it to the Next Level

(Again and Again)


We don't believe in "set it and forget it." Our Testing and Experimentation with tools like A/B testing ensures continuous improvement and keep your brand ahead of the curve.

Why Choose the

STAND OUT Process?

The STAND OUT process is a culmination of our extensive experience in the advertising world, transformed into a potent methodology. This process turns your company or product into an extraordinary brand, understanding its essence and amplifying it to the fullest.

What makes us different

Decades of experience 

We've seen firsthand the transformative power of effective branding and marketing.

A proven process

STAND OUT isn't just a theory; it's a roadmap to success, backed by real results.

A team of experts

We're passionate about building brands and dedicated to making yours shine.



Ready to STAND OUT?

Contact CVAC today, and let's start crafting your unique STAND OUT story!

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